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Heart of Autumn

17 Oct
161017-James Staddon_0496 W

Greetings from the highlands of North Carolina!

After putting together a training video last week in Virginia on how to capture the unique beauty of early autumn, I’m excited to have now arrived at higher elevations here in North Carolina for another training video, this time providing tips for shooting peak color!

And boy has peak color arrived!

161017-James Staddon_0496 W

Heart of Autumn
Upper Creek Falls, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina
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And, of course, the training videos about how to capture the fall colors that I’m putting together right now will be available to PRO Members soon! If you are not already a PRO Member, click here to sign up today!

Here are a few more shots from our first afternoon in the mountains:

161017-James Staddon_

161017-James Staddon_0477


161017-James Staddon_0484

161017-James Staddon_0513

Finding Fall Color on Old Rag Mountain

11 Oct
161010-James Staddon_0117

Fall is coming! And yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a quick hike with friends up Old Rag Mountain, one of the most strenuous yet beautiful hikes in Virginia.

I’d been looking forward to this hike for a few weeks, and was expecting some autumn color to be prevalent in the Shenandoah at higher elevations.. Perhaps not peak color, but being early October, I figured the colors would be coming along pretty well.

Well, it was obvious when we arrived that peak color hadn’t arrived yet. Everything was still quite green. So green, in fact, that it didn’t look like October at all! They say the fall colors are coming on a little slower than normal this year.

161010-James Staddon_0117

161010-James Staddon_0156

161010-James Staddon_0153

This can be a little discouraging sometimes, expecting one thing and getting dished out something else. But instead of being discouraged, I wanted to try my hand at utilizing a few different techniques I had been meditating on recently for capturing the unique beauty of early autumn. So far, I’d come up with 10 of these techniques and this was my chance to put them to the test. And I was amazed at how they helped me find the autumn-looking pictures I was looking for!

161010-James Staddon_0205

161010-James Staddon_0172

161010-James Staddon_0173

161010-James Staddon_0145

161010-James Staddon_0213

161010-James Staddon_0137

161010-James Staddon_0226

These shots may not provide the same peak-fall-color feelings that would be easily captured when the leaves are actually in peak color, but I think it’s fun to be on the lookout for what most other people won’t see. It’s a way to make the most of being at the right place at the wrong time. Each of the early-fall-color feeling photos above represent at least one of these 10 techniques. And I look forward to sharing these techniques in the next Making The Most Of Your Vacation video episode, so PRO Members stay posted!

The Man Behind the Video Camera

07 Oct

Thought you might enjoy this little teaser my brother Jonathan threw together for me the other day! 🙂



Jonathan loves to travel just like I do except his artistic bent is toward videography. We complement each other very well so we’re often going places together. It’s a lot of fun! You should check out his growing YouTube channel. He’s currently taking a fantastic, hands-on course though Motion University (if you’re into videography it’s worth checking out!) and he’s the mastermind behind most of the video-related things you see here on Lenspiration. Looking forward to enjoying the fall colors with him on some travels coming up in October!



Are You A Lenspiration Calendar Fan?

06 Oct
2017 L Fan Ad

If so, you’ll be excited to know that the 2017 Lenspiration Calendar is now available! For this one, I chose hymns that feature the theme, Come, Praise the Lord with Me, based on John W. Peterson’s 1987 hymn so masterfully arranged by The Wilds.

Do you notice any major changes other than the typical updates to the hymns/holidays/dates/photos?

2017 L Fan Ad

You guessed it! It’s now a spiral bound calendar. Big upgrade here. A change I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. And it’s finally here!

But that’s not all. Here’s a complete list of what has been upgraded:

    New: spiral binding for a more professional appearance and smooth folding
    New: matte paper on the bottom half of each spread for easier writing
    New: 100lb cover stock paper throughout for unmatched durability
    New: increased size to 9×12 for a bigger impression and more room to write

I’m really excited about this calendar! And while new things are wonderful, you’re probably asking what the price tag is. . . . Well, I decided not to upgrade that. Thankfully, the one thing that hasn’t changed about this calendar is the price. The price will stay exactly the same as it was last year as long as you order before Christmas. After that, the price will increase. So you should have plenty of time to order early!

    • Click here to buy small quantities on the Staddon Family Store ($10/calendar)
    • Click here to buy quantities of 10 or more on the Lenspiration Store ($5-$7/calendar)
    • Click here to add your own content for a Personalized version of the calendar

And oh, if you aren’t a Lenspiration calendar fan . . . I suppose every fan wasn’t a fan at one time or another. Let me know if you have any questions about the calendar by leaving a comment!

A Few Quick Critiques

05 Oct

Here are a few tips for you to enjoy from the latest PRO Critique webinar! I know it’s only 5 short minutes taken from the hour spent in critiquing the PRO members’ submissions, but I’m sure there’s something you could pull from it anyway:



Join the PRO Membership to submit your own pictures for critique. Or, if you’re already a PRO Member, click here to submit your pictures for the next webinar on October 18.

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