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A Few Tips from the Latest Photo Critique Webinar

On Tuesday I had the delightful opportunity of pouring over several amazing photos from the PRO community. We spent over an hour talking about these our pictures. Here are a few takeaways: Spectral Spectator - Photo by Hannah Critique Takeaway: Framing a photo is a...

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Ideas for Better Sunset Photos

Here’s a snippet from the lastest live PRO webinar. Regardless of how drab or how epic a sunset might be, here are a few tricks you can put into practice that will help you capture their color and attractiveness more effectively. Learn how to skillfully use focal...

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Hi! I’m James Staddon, a creation photographer and graphic designer based out of Salem, West Virginia. I have enjoyed running Lenspiration since 2009 and traveling with my camera across the United States and abroad since 2006. At a young age, the beauty of my Uncle’s photography inspired me with the realization that I, too, could create beautiful pictures which has carried me on into a career as a professional photographer and educator. Though I love to plant and nurture the idea that anyone can create beautiful imagery if they commit to it wholeheartedly, my ultimate passion in life is to see photographers make wise and God-honoring decisions in life, vocation, and relationships.

James Staddon

Owner, Lenspiration

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