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The Most Helpful Aspect

06 Aug

We covered a lot of material and many ideas concerning photography during CAPTURE Virginia. However, by the end of the class, it was clear that there was one thing that continually and overwhelmingly came out on top as the absolutely most helpful aspect of the workshop. What would you guess that one thing was? We […]

Today in Virginia

31 Jul

Hello from Virginia! Our first full day of CAPTURE was just that . . . very full! We’re all learning a lot. It’s a great team of photographers to be working with and I’m looking forward to the next two full days ahead of us! I only took one shot of the sunrise this morning. […]

10 Tips for Shooting the Pacific Coast

26 Jul

Just pulled together a few new desktop wallpapers from the California Loop with a theme of The Pacific Coast. I’ve also jotted down 10 helpful things I learned while shooting along the coast. Arrive early. I can’t emphasize this enough! I’ve arrived 30min before the actual sun sets way too many times. I find myself […]

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Before I take any one picture, I take into consideration every single one of the 10 camera settings presented in this little book. Some more often than others, of course, but I still do to take each one into account because they all do something very important in the process of capturing the perfect picture. How well do you know your camera? Do you know how to make important changes well enough to change them without having to give it much thought . . . instinctively? There are millions of books and articles out there on basic photography; there’s an overload of information that can be overwhelming. Let this little book be your field guide. Let it give you just what you need to get started in your quest for learning photography!

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