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How to Get Your Nature Shots Used

20 Nov
screenshot-embassymedia.com 2015-11-20 15-40-06

Nature photography can be an enjoyable hobby, but can nature pictures really be used for anything? As a landscape photographer, this is a question I ponder often. I spend a lot of time getting just the perfect picture for my own personal enjoyment, but is that picture really worth anything more? Can genres surrounding nature […]

How to Back Up Your Pictures

05 Nov

Have you ever lost pictures due to hard drive failure? Do you have a backup system in place just in case? Is online storage a good backup option? There’s been a super helpful thread going on over on the General Photography Forum called Online Storage Options that I thought would be great to share here […]

Download a Free Autumn Desktop Background!

02 Nov
151019-JAS_1970 W

Seeing my latest favorite picture on my computer desktop me to keep taking better pictures! Do you have a fresh, new inspirational background on your desktop at the moment? Here’s the one I’m currently using: This shot was taken at an ugly, half-covered-in weeds marsh beside an old dirt road in New Hampshire. It’s amazing […]

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